5 Things That Need To Happen In Jurassic World

In celebration of the upcoming dino sequel Jurassic World I have decided to write up 5 things I’d love to have happen in the latest installment.

#5: References to original events.
I’d like to see the event of the San Diego attack discussed between fictional companies Ingen/Masrani and how it effected the overall production of the new theme park. image image
I’d also like them to have the latest characters discuss the where about of the group of Pteranodons who escaped in JP3. C’mon where did they go?

#4: How will the film start?
I would love an opening that resembles something of the original where we may see a new attraction cause some sort of terror and excitement amongst the fictional workers and fans of the park. image #3: Can they really train the Raptors? In the first three outing we saw the Raptors as the most intelligent predators to have ever walk the earth and ultimately more scarier than the T-Rex. Now, in JW we meet Chris Pratt as a trainer who has somewhat become the alpha of the “Raptor Pack”, but can they be trust to run with Pratt? Doubtful. I would want nothing more than Pratt and the pack defeat the Indomnius and as soon as its done the Raptors turn on him, as he quotes “Clever Girls”. We even got a quote from the director which said “we haven’t pussified them.” So we will just have to wait and see. image #2: T-Rex Vs Indomnius Rex.
C’mon. It would be every Jurassic Fanboys wet dream. We haven’t seen much of the T-Rex (thank god), who is said to be 20 years old and really pissed off. Pratt has also come and said the final battle is insane and will be nothing the fans have seen before. I personally think Rex needs a comeback and I think this is her time to shine. image (Fan art above)

#1: Old Faces.
Trust me, who wouldn’t want to see Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum back in action but sadly its not going to happen. That’s not to say we might not get others. Already confirmed is the original T-Rex and scientific engineer BD Wong who has more of a leading role in JW. One person, who may have lent a helping hand is the late Richard Attenborough. As you all know he played the man behind the original idea John Hammond, but my speculation began when a recent trailer had him narrate the original lines about his park along with some new ones. Will he be in the movie in some way? I really hope so because it will be such a respectful gesture to both Attenborough and his beloved character. image

There are my 5 things I hope to see in the upcoming summer blockbuster set for a June 12th release. image What’s yours? Comment below! As always thanks for reading. Plenty of more in the future! Nerd out!


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