TGIF Post- Our Favourite Actors!

TGIF! For our latest “Get To Know Us” post we’ve decided to chat about our favourite leading actors! Actresses are a whole other post, don’t worry! So let’s get right into it.

Adam (Clueless Drummer):

Tough choice, but my favourite actor is Christopher Llyod, reasons why: simply put he’s Doc Brown, he gave us the Delorean such a difficult decision to make.


Robbie (Robbie H)

At the moment, Chris Pratt would be my favourite actor in the film industry. He has an absolutely stellar ability to go between witty humour and one-liners with more serious/tense emotional moments with ease. You only have to look at his performances in Guardians of the Galaxy & Jurassic World for proof of this. Despite being a bit of a newcomer to the acting game Parks&Rec aside, his first major film role was in Wanted in 2008 and only taking up acting in 2000, yet he’s still arguably the actor in biggest demand today. For someone who may seem to lack experience in comparison to some of his peers, he is still to be regarded as a A-list actor. Pratt is also a genuinely nice guy too, look at his Superbowl bet with Chris Evans just to see how decent he is regardless of the superstar he has become.


Phil (Phil Corrigan)

My Favourite actor would have to be Al Pacino. I remember the first time I seen Pacino in a film,The Godfather Part 1 (My favourite movie of all time) I vividly remember watching it with my Dad I was amazed by the film obviously, Pacino was the bad guy I was rooting for, My favourite Pacino moment was when Michael casually strolled out of the bathroom and shot Sollozzo and McCluskey dead. Or the epic moment in Scarface when Tony Montana is faced with dozens of hired killers he loads of up his M16A1 equipped with M203 grenade launcher drops the world-famous line “Say Hello To My little Friend”. Or the brilliant “Whoo Ah” from Scent Of A Woman, From Gangster to Army Ranger Pacino always delivers in his roles, with endless amounts of awards and nominations it is no wonder that he is considered one of the best actor’s of all time.


Ebhin (Ebhin95)

“Tom Cruise is my all time favourite actor. Ever since I started watching his films over 10 years ago I’ve been fascinated. For me, he is the most entertaining A List actor out, releasing nothing but solid movies after another. With his full filmography collected on DVD and even a signed autograph poster I got at the Irish premiere from his Sci- Fi epic Oblivion framed on my wall, there is no other actor that will ever take my number one spot. Yeah, he may have a few movies that weren’t well received, but I myself, have always found Cruise to be the shining glory from each one. Okay, I’ve an unhealthy man crush on Tom Cruise. I don’t care, he is awesome!”


Now since you know our favourite actors we want to know what’s yours? Let us know in the comments! Again thanks so much for reading and getting involved in our site, we hugely appreciate it!


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