Fan Art Appreciation!!

It maybe Sunday but who says we can’t still have fun? Take a look at some of the super Fan Art sent into us!

‘The Dark Knight Watches Over Gotham!’ – Paudie O’ Brien:

11739506_1614204678868928_1046978355_n This piece was one of the first sent into by us and it’s pretty sweet! Who doesn’t like a good painting of the caped crusader? Well done!

‘Hoooooked On A Feelin”- James Pennell:
11749352_1620080311564423_695900471_nStarlord! Awesome piece of the GOTG outlaw! We can’t wait to see him in more films to come! Great stuff James! Thanks for sending it in!

‘Hope You Got Insurance!’- Elizabeth McConnon:
We do love a goof Harley Quinn piece and this one is sick! Just in time for the Suicide Squad trailer we were sent this awesome doodle! Well done Ms McConnon!

‘Nanananananahh Batman!!’- Shannen Maher:

Thus we have yet another great Bat piece. This piece shows off him in all his happy glory? Hey, he’s gotta fight crime in Gotham 24/7 which means no late nights! Nice piece Shannen, t’is a nice little doodle!

‘Deadpool Needs His Gun.’- Sarah Bohan:
Who doesn’t love Deadpool? After watching his panel at this years Comic Con we were more than happy to show off this piece sent into us! Well done Sarah, we just want to cuddle him but we’d be afraid he’d might blow our brains out!

Well done to everyone who sent us in all the art, its awesomely cool! We want to get you, the fans, more involved in our posts (not just with competitions) but everything movies, games and social topics wise! So keep a look out and get involved! Thanks for the continued support, we really are humbled by it! Nerd Out!


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