The Good Dinosaur trailer drops

The Good Dinosaur, the latest movie from Pixar dropped its first trailer today, and it’s awesome

in this movie, Pixar ask the big question, what if the meteor that wipped out the Dinosaurs all them years ago never actually hit Earth? What would happen then?

the trailer shows the first glimpses of what might happen. The movie sees a young Apatosaurus named Arlo make an unlikely human friend and works on learning about the power of confronting his fears in a planet full of danger. The trailer, set to Of Monsters and Men’s song “Crystals,” gives us glimpses of Arlo’s friendship with the human boy named Spot.


Pixar are well known for creating and realising fantastic movies, and we are sure The Good Dinosaur will be quite the same when it is released later this year. We can’t wait for it, can you?


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