Could We Be Getting A Space Jam 2?

Cast your mind back, if you’re old enough, to 1996. DVD’s first launched in Japan, eBay started trading for the first time, the Summer Olympics were held in Atlanta, USA and on our screens was Bugs Bunny & Michael Jordan co-starring in Space Jam. 

If you haven’t seen Space Jam, we’re very ashamed of you. Probably the greatest semi-animated, semi-live action sports movie ever made. Probably the only one, but that’s beside the point. However the likelihood of a sequel is now potentially at it’s most fruitful after LeBron James signed a deal with Warner Bros. which has the potential to see the four-time NBA MVP & Cleveland Cavaliers superstar feature in film, television & online productions.


Now, that’s not exactly solid proof. It could well be a deal allowing Warner Bros. exclusive rights to the production and publication of LeBron James material such as documentaries, fitness videos, access all areas material for Warner Bros subscribers should they put in place their own streaming site. You name it, LeBron will be doing it with Warner Bros. However, found by Alex Weprin of Capital New York is apparent filings by Warner Bros for Space Jam trademarks for varying pieces of merchandise. The plot thickens.



Of course, this does not mean a Space Jam 2 has been greenlit, movie and games studios make a habit of buying up any patents, trademarks and web domains they can so that should they want to use them at some point in the future they can. It does mean though that Space Jam is a property that Warner Bros still have on their minds, which is no surprise given the cult status of the original.


For fans of the Space Jam it is certainly exciting news that a sequel or even reboot is on the cards & LeBron James did previously express interest in starring in a sequel should it happen. The popularity of the Looney Tunes has never really waned & arguably LeBron can be considered as big a star as Michael Jordan was at the time so should Warner Bros wish to put the wheels in motion on Space Jam 2, it definitely makes plenty of sense. Who knows, we may even see Jordan come back in a coaching/cameo role? How awesome would that be to see the Looney Tunes face off against the Monstars again?!

Are you excited that there may be a Space Jam 2? Let us know over on Facebook, Twitter, or the comments below!


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