TGIF Post- Our Favourite Movies!

TGIF yet again folks! Her we are again with our latest “TGIF Post” where you, the fans, get to know us that little bit more, this week we chat to you about our favourite films. Lets get straight into it.

Adam (Clueless Drummer): Back to the Future
‘Always has to be the first one. It was the first real sci-fi type movie I seen. I think I was around 5ish when I first seen it. Confused the Hell out of me, having the attention span of a goldfish didn’t help, but I fell in love with it then. The cast is brilliant, the story is amazing, even the soundtrack is awesome (who doesn’t love Huey Lewis and the News). To this day I still never tire from watching it and in fairness, who isn’t curious about the impact time travel would have on your life? Back to the Future will forever be my favourite film.’
Robbie (Robbie H): Guardians of the Galaxy
‘A band of space-venturing misfits who are all extremely strong characters in their own right, yet they all share the spotlight equally. A phenomenal story that sports a healthy balance of comic book/space opera action, slapstick humour and heartbreaking emotion. We Are Groot… *sniffs*. Then, you’ve got the stellar soundtrack which runs along side the movie brilliantly! Lastly, it was a Marvel movie that when announced very few gave a chance to. A bunch of c-list a-holes as far as the comics were concerned were turned into some of Marvel’s biggest names, all down to the lack of expectation people had for it, but it came out and blew people away.’
Ebhin (Ebhin95): Jurassic Park

‘Jurassic Park is my childhood. There is no other movie out there today that can give me the same chills as JP does, especially from the still image above. The blockbuster is a classic that redefined how, both, movies are made and how I personally got into them as a hobby. I have personally watched this movie countless times, knowing all the dialogue off by heart along with the sensationally score by John Williams! (Yes I hum it all the time!) Spawning great sequels, the original will always be held near to my heart and will never lose its sense of adventure and terror as I relive live it in the future. JP will always make me believe in it’s 2hr and a bit runtime that the Park is truly a real place where if you’re not careful, you may become T-Rex lunch. How is that not cool?’

Since now you know our favourite films, what’s your’s? Let us know in the comments and be on the look out for our next TGIF Post! Have a great weekend folks, nerd out!


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