No Diplomas in the new Spiderman Movie

Marvel’s long-awaited chance to make their own Spiderman movie is happening in 2017. It’s been well documented and we ourselves have covered it a good bit. So far this week we have brought you the news that the movie has its writers in John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein.

Now we have some more news for you about the movie. This news is about when the movie will be set. We are going to get a young approach to Peter Parker/Spiderman. Daley and Goldstein have said that the film will explore the depths of Peter Parker’s and his supporting cast’s high school experience. So we won’t see Peter collecting a college diploma in this movie.


Daley and Goldstein have also gone on record and said that they see it as a John Hughes Breakfast Club/Sixteen Candles approach to portraying Peter. Daley said to Entertainment tonight that “It’s sort of a John Hughes-ian take at Peter in high school, I think we’re going to spend a lot more time on them in High School, and deal with him being a real kid. They fully intend to make use of Tom Hollands youth, and really explore what it is like to be a kid and have these powers and responsibility.

This is going to be quite an interesting take on Peter Parker/Spiderman, while we seen an attempt at that with the Amazing Spiderman movies, which gave us a look at Peter’s school life, but it will be interesting to see how Marvel put their stamp on it.

We are certainly looking forward to seeing what Marvel will do with one of their beloved characters, and certainly can’t wait for 2017 to arrive.


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