TGIF Post- Best Cinema Experience.

TGIF folks! Ever had such a good time at the cinema that it stay with you forever? Well us at Nerd Lowdown are here to chat about our favourite cinema experience! Let’s get cracking!

Adam: Thor- The Dark World

Ok, my best cinema experience, was probably watching Thor The Dark World, there was feck all people in the screen which kept the chit chat to a minimum. But the film had me on the edge of my seat at times, I shouted Nooooo!!!!! at the top of my voice when Loki was supposedly killed, I was absolutely gutted, I was so invested in the film that I forgot it was Marvel, and nobody stays dead, my reaction when he is shown to be alive…. got up out of my seat, shouted YES!!!!! and started applauding the screen!”


Phil: Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone

My best cinema experience would have to be going to see Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone, I was only 8 or 9 at the time of its release and my godfather took me and my two cousin’s to see it, Not knowing what we were going to see and not knowing I would follow all the films fromĀ  childhood to adulthood, I remember getting ‘Bertie’s Botts every flavour bean’ from the film they had all sorts of flavour, Horse radish being one which was disgusting but it added to the films experience, The film started I was introduced to a world of witchcraft and wizardry, I loved every second of it. One of the best moments for me was, When the first years all walked into the main hall to get put into their houses everything just stood out to me. Ever since then I have watched every film read every book and from time to time I will still sit down and watch them.”


Ebhin: The Dark Knight Rises

“Ever since 2008 when I was shocked at how good The Dark Knight came to be, I was 110% searching the web and looking for clues to the next edition to the Dark Knight Trilogy. A near 4 years later I found myself counting down the days till I eventually got my ticket, butt firmly in place and experienced TDKR in all it’s glory. I was truly blown away from the get go. Especially the opening plane crash and the Cop on Inmate fight scenes. The last 30mins-40mins had me on the edge of my seat, yeah I’ve been to the cinema loads of times, but not like this. I was 100% uncertain how this film would end. With all the Social Media pointing the finger at the Bats first ever death- I just didn’t know what to expect. By the time the last 10mins came around, after Bruce supposedly sacrificed himself to save Gotham, I was so impressed. Before I could think to myself that this was a perfect trilogy- we followed Alfred to a table, where the camera cuts to Bruce and that look. Myself and the entire screen burst into cheer! It was incredible. From then on, very few films have come close to beating that experience!”


Robbie: Metallica Through The Never

My best Cinema experience to date was Metallica: Through The Never in IMAX. While the film itself critically split opinion, and low box office takings meant that the project ended up costing the band money, but the overall experience of Metallica in IMAX was phenomenal. As a metal fan myself, I’ve idolised Metallica for years and I have been lucky enough to see them live twice. Through The Never however gave people the closest thing to seeing Metallica live without actually attending a gig. A cracking setlist combined with Metallica’s consistent live performance made for a massively entertaining showcase of the band itself.”


So these are our favourite cinema experiences to date. Now we want t to know what’s your? Comment below and let us know! As always thanks for ready and have a great weekend! Nerd out!


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