Channing Tatum OFFICIALLY Signed On For Gambit!

Despite rumours during the week that Channing Tatum had in fact left the Gambit movie, new reports have emerged that the deal for Tatum to star in the X-Men spin-off has now been signed & sealed!

According to THR, Tatum has now agreed terms with Fox and put pen to paper to star as the rebellious mutant with plenty of tricks up his sleeve. However, their source has informed them that negotiations did in fact hit a speedbump in the road along the way however whatever issues there was seemed to have been ironed out with the deal being finalised. To be honest, given his appearance at Comic-Con during the Fox panel, it would have been a massive surprise if the wheels did in fact fall off the wagon & Tatum leave the project.


Where Gambit will fit in to the X-Men Universe is still up in the air. No confirmation of any appearances other than his solo flick due in October 2016, but presumably X-Men: Apocalypse will at least hint at his existence. It could be possible with Hugh Jackman’s pending retirement that Tatum/Gambit will takeover as the new Wolverine of sorts. A rogue-ish leader for the new generation of X-Men spearheading another decade of both group & solo films, exactly like Jackman did with Wolverine. Channing Tatum would definitely have the box-office draw to be a major factor in what looks to be a refreshed X-Men Universe that may soon crossover with the Fantastic Four!


Gambit is set to begin production this October, will star Channing Tatum and Rupert Wyatt will take the Directors chair. An October 2016 release is planned.

Are you excited for Gambit? Glad the show is back on the road as far as the X-spin off is concerned? Let us know on the usual channels!


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