Stan Lee Weighs In On Batman V Superman!

Batman V Superman  is set to be one of the biggest superhero clashes in history, but who is going to win? We don’t know, but Marvel legend Stan Lee has called it already!In an interview with the Boston Herald, the 92 year old creator of Spider-Man and The Avengers, who was in the locality for Boston Comic-Con appearances was asked who he thought would emerge victorious in the heavyweight match-up between The Dark Knight and the Son of Krypton

Batman & Superman Face Off

““Oh, Superman. He’s indestructible, he can do anything. And Batman relies on a few weapons. If this is real, a fight between Superman and Batman, there’s no way you’d bet on Batman.”

Yikes. Given Ben Affleck is from Boston it was put to Lee, who is one of the Godfather’s of comics, will that make a difference come March 2016 when Dawn of Justice hits our screens:

“Well, I like Ben Affleck. If they get Mortimer Snerd to play Superman, maybe Affleck would have a chance.”


Ouch! Poor Ben! Well if Stan Lee isn’t in your corner, what chance have you really got?!

Lee also went on to discuss how Hollywood has played a part in the current popularity of comics & comic book related media, and also how superheroes are relevant as role models for kids today.

“People who weren’t even familiar with the characters have enjoyed the movies, and then they go to the comic books to read some stories about them. The youngsters, especially, are rediscovering the comic books. I think people need somebody to look up to as a role model, you know? Just like people need to believe in God, you need to feel there’s someone somewhere who can help you because you’re aware this is not a perfect world.”

Given how many comic book movies are set for release between now and 2020 even, they’re certainly not going away. People who do go to see these movies aren’t always fans, but many come out wanting to know more about the character they just adored for two hours and want more and more stories. This benefits Marvel & DC who are then selling more comics, encouraging them to create more stories. It’s an encouraging circle for fans, writers & studios.


It’s also fair to say that while many people look up to a religious figure, or sports star, or actor, many others do look towards fictional characters as a source of inspiration. Some of the morals that our favourite superheroes hold such the Fantastic Four’s sense of family, or Peter Parker’s normality in a world that is not normal at all is something that many will hold dear, despite the fictional aspect of the source material.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is due for release in March 2016.


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