Destroy Everything In CrackDown 3

The CrackDown 3 trailer has been revealed at GamesCon 2015 and boy is she a doozy.We got our first look at Crackdown 3 running in Pre-Alpha state. CrackDown 3 looks amazing with 100% destruction, yes you can destroy everything, how cool is that?! Check out the trailer below.

Destroying an entire city, it is something everybody has always wanted to do and now you can. With a huge set of improvements CrackDown is going to be high on the wish list for alot of gamers.  With CrackDown 3 adding a fully destructible city, from bridges to buildings every inch can be taken down (with enough firepower of course), and with a huge web of criminal activities CrackDown 3 is going to keep you laying down hard justice on your foes.


Are you excited for CrackDown 3? Can you wait to tear a city apart? We know we can’t! Let us know in the comments below.



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