Two Screen Legends Join Game Of Thrones

As Game of Thrones heads into its sixth season, after a very dramatic and traumatising five seasons (we’re still not over the Red Wedding!), two legends of the screen both big and small have been added to the cast! 

Max von Sydow and Ian McShane are the stars heading to Westeros for what will no doubt be a jaunt in back stabbing and treachery. Does anyone in Westeros NOT have a history of that? Deadwood star Ian McShane’s role is as of yet unconfirmed but Max von Sydow will be playing the Three Eyed Raven.


von Sydow, who will be starring in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will play a part in the story arc of Bran Stark who was absent from season five. When we last left Bran, he had finally found the Three-Eyed Raven that had been following him throughout his dreams.


Very little is known about the potential plot direction of Game of Thrones season six as the series has just about caught up with the books. This also leaves those who had read the books unable to hang spoilers over the heads of those who haven’t. Cheeky gits.

Game of Thrones Season Six has started production and will be back on our screens in March/April 2016.


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