Vandal Savage Cast For Legends Of Tomorrow!

With the CW/DC Universe rolling on and getting closer to the returns of Arrow The Flash we now know who will be playing Legends of Tomorrow big bad Vandal Savage!

Danish actor Casper Crump will be taking on the role of the immortal DC villain, appearing first in Arrow and The Flash before moving on to be the recurring main villain in Legends of Tomorrow.


Vandal Savage is an immortal entity who has been terrorising the DC universe for over 6,000 years. His main aim, like many megalomaniac comic book villains in world domination, which he manipulated the likes of dictators and war lords through the eons in order to achieve his goals. This is the first time the character will feature in a live action DC production.


Unless you’ve been living on an island in the South China Sea, you should be very familiar with the concept of the Legends of Tomorrow that the CW will be bringing to our screens in January. If not, check out the official trailer below to get the lowdown on what is the closest thing to the Justice League on TV you’re going to get!

Are you excited for the return of Arrow, The Flash, and the arrival of Legends of Tomorrow? We know we are!


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