Sony set Dates for a Massive 15 Studio Films

Sony Pictures revealed the future of their movie studio by releasing a massive 15 movie slots for the next 4 years. We’ve the lowdown here!

The yearly slots will begin next year till the end of 2019. It is now official that two sequels to the acclaimed Buddy Cop Action film Bad Boys will see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reteam for more awesome action.
Including Bad Boys 3 to be released 17/2/17 and Bad Boys 4 to be released 3/7/19.
This was the biggest surprise of all the list, with Joe Carnahan eyed up for the director’s chair for both sequels!
Another slight surprise is the studio playing host to a Jumanji reboot. This will open Christmas 2016 – leaving some movie goers who aren’t Star Wars fanatics with the lesser option.

jumanji - cinema quad movie poster (1).jpg

Here’s the full list of Sony’s latest editions: (note these are US cinema release dates)
Money Monster- 8/4/16

The Shallows- 24/6/16

Ghostbusters- 15/7/16

Patient Zero- 2/9/16

The Magnificent Seven- 23/9/16

Underworld 5- 21/10/16

The Dark Tower- 13/1/17

Resident Evil 6- 27/1/17

Bad Boys 3- 17/2/17

Baby Driver- 17/3/17

Barbie- 2/6/17

Uncharted- 30/6/17

The Lamb- 8/12/17

Bad Boys 4- 3/7/19

Thats all we know so far, so as it drops you can be sure we will cover it!
Excited for the upcoming movies? Let us know! Nerd out!


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