Marvel Expansion planned for Disneyland

Disney has acquired a lot of properties over the last couple of years, Pixar Animation, Lucas Film and Marvel. The purchase of these properties has given Disney a lot more characters, stories,  movies and merchandise to benefit from, and it looks like they are planning to do that. 

According to MiceChat, the same Disney Parks-centric blog who are believed to uncovered what Star Wars announcements will be made this week at D23, have uncovered  plans for the long-rumored Marvel expansion to Disneyland Resort.

They had this to say: “The plans to expand DCA again with a Marvel Land behind Tower of Terror continue to move ahead, and the E Ticket thrill ride that is planned to anchor that expansion is going to be very unique. The ride will feature a newly Imagineered hybrid ride system that might be best described as a combination of Rock N’ Roller Coaster and Universal’s Transformers ride using every trick and gimmick WDI can throw at it, including on-board audio and effects and elaborate sets and animatronics. With the Pumbaa parking structure moving quickly, the old toll plaza entry lanes south of DCA that are used to redirect cars from Mickey & Friends can also be utilized, creating a surprisingly large chunk of property slated for DCA’s future expansion.”

For those unfamiliar with the Disneyland Resort, they have even released a picture showing where the planned expansion would be situated, check it out below.



(credit to micechat for the photo)

Is it about time that Disney expanded and added a Marvel section to the park? I think given the popularity and success of the Marvel Films and the brand itself, Disney should press forward with this planned expansion. It would certain bring in plenty of revenue and millions of tourists/visitors ever year.


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