Fantastic Four Screenwriter Comments on the Film

By now I think we all know the general consensus for the new Fantastic 4 movie, it wasn’t great, it was in no way great. It scored lower than the original films on Rotten Tomatoes (and that is saying an awful lot). It has been slated world wide, and has done extremely poorly at the box office. 

It seems as though one person who has been missed in all of the Fantastic Four chaos is screenwriter Jeremy Slater (The Lazarus Effect), who co-wrote the film along with Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Apocalypse),he tweeted on the eve of the film’s opening.


Working on the Fantastic Four script was a dream come true for Slater who was a relatively unknown scribe before taking on the Fantastic 4. During his childhood, he spent much of his allowance on comic books.

Slater was fortunate in the sense that the first act of the film (the part of the film not being universally slated contain most of his contributions). Below are the tweets he sent out, check them out:

There wasn’t really much saving this film, reported interference from Fox, people blaming each other, Marvel’s first family don’t deserve this. What do you think about Slater’s comments? Did you like/dislike the Fantastic 4, let us know.


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