Nerd Lowdown’s experience at Dublin Comic Con 2015

So we are nearly a week removed from Dublin Comic Con 2015 and we are still overwhelmed by the event as a whole. We seen so much stuff and interacted with so many people. We have shared many photos from our trip to Comic Con, and done a round of the cosplay we seen check it out here. Now we figured it’s time to share our experience of Comic Con and what we thought of it.

Adam (cluelessdrummer):

“I honestly spent a good 2-3 hours trying to put my experience of Dublin Comic Con 2015 into words, and I think I have it now. Going to Dublin Comic Con was in a sense like going to see family in a way. I have always pride myself on being a geek or a nerd, and have always been proud to call myself one. I’m sure many people can relate to this when I say growing up a geek or a nerd wasn’t easy, there was always some form of exclusion or bullying. At Dublin Comic Con however, it felt as though I knew people there for years, I went with a bunch of friends, and the rest of Nerd Lowdown, and it was like going a family event. Everyone was so friendly, everyone was having laughs and joking with one another, it was a very welcoming experience.

The experience over all was amazing, stalls that sold collectibles (I purchased a few myself), people dressed up in Cosplay, special guests to meet, statues and areas to take photos against, and most of all, great people to have fun with. Going to any form of Comic Con comes highly recommended from us here at Nerd Lowdown, try it at least once, you might enjoy it or love it like we do.


Ebhin (Ebhin95):

“Go up to DCC, being a Comic Con Virgin (Lol). I didn’t know what to expect. From San Diego being such a hit, I wasn’t expecting much. Boy I was wrong! From queueing in line, having the back and forth banter with the crowd – whether it be quoting movie lines (Hot Fuzz seemed to be a favourite!) or just chatting about our site, I knew I was in for a treat. From the never ending stalls of merchandise (I wish I could afford) to getting to meet and have the craic with Michael Rooker was something I’ll never forget! Plus, I completed a childhood goal: Selfie with A Storm Trooper! I’d advise everyone to go, young and old! Bring on San Diego!!”



“The term Nerd Or Geek has always been thrown around as insult, I got that a lot growing up I like playing games rather than going outside I would get excited about buying a new comic than getting a new bike. Being a Nerd is nothing to be ashamed of and it is only really in the last 10 to 15 years that is has really boomed in Ireland, Dublin Comic -Con 2015 being my first year attending was surreal, I was surrounded by people who love what I love. The atmosphere was breath taking from cosplay comic’s and action figures (they are not dolls by the way). I didn’t want the day to end meeting new people was the best part, everybody was so friendly and inviting I can’t imagine another group of people to be like that. People who are not into the whole ‘Nerd Scene’ just won’t understand, you can be yourself around these people and not have to worry about being called a Nerd. But I am proud to call myself a Nerd and I always will be because this lifestyle of comics, games and cosplay is something I want to be involved in. With all the things I have experienced being around the same people at comic-con was by far the best experience and I would highly recommend trying it once”


Robbie (Robbie H):

“What I loved about DCC was the sense of community and friendliness of everyone there. Despite the fact there was so many different people with different interests there it was still like one big nerdy family! I also loved the insane level of cosplay on display! People go on about the quality of American conventions, but Dublin nailed it over the weekend!”


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