Finding Dory Details Drop & Meet One New Character

After the massive success of Finding Nemo, it was only a matter of time before Disney/Pixar put together a sequel for the fishy adventure. And Finding Dory will be that sequel. Thanks to D23 we now know more about the film! 


Speaking at the Disney Expo, director of Finding Nemo, director of Finding Dory, and Pixar legend Andrew Stanton explained how he came to the realisation that the story of Nemo wasn’t a “closed circuit” as he once believed:

“I wanted to know that if this charming forgetful fish ever got lost again, that she would be okay, that she would find her way home, and at the end of Finding Nemo, I wasn’t confident about that. So that’s when I knew I had another story.”

Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, thanks to her memory issues will make for a fantastic sequel to the original. The film will apparently be based in a marine sanctuary for wounded sea animals, where they are treated and released back into the wild. It seems as though Dory will end up here after trekking out to find her parents. In the sanctuary is where Dory will meet Hank the Octopus, voiced by Modern Family star Ed O’Neill and an unnamed Beluga Whale voiced by Ty Burrell also of Modern Family, who believes that he has a head injury thanks to the signature bumps these whales have on their heads. Meet Hank the Octopus below!



Finding Dory is set for release will be released on the 17th of June 2016 & stay tuned to Nerd Lowdown for all the latest from D23!


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