Over 1 Hour Of Mad Max Gameplay Footage

We all know the Mad Max films. Set in a post-apocalyptic setting, war and resource shortages are crippling society and everyone has turned barbaric. Now you get to play through the treacherous wasteland and experience it hands on. We got to see Mad Max footage at E3 this year and everybody was pretty impressed, upgradeable vehicles fighting sandy deserts it really does sound like the Mad Max films. Avalanche Studios devs gave us over an hour of game-play footage really going into detail what we can expect from the upcoming title. Check out the game-play footage below.

The gameplay footage starts of by Max attacking a Fuel Transfer Centre. You must to destroy the compounds defence systems to make you way inside. From there you must destroy transfer tanks and eliminate all enemies this will reduce a bosses grip on the area. The combat system is very similar is Rocksteady’s Batman game, Guns and ammo are scarce in the wasteland so you must rely on melee weapons to defeat the hordes of enemies. During battle as you defeat enemies you fill up your Fury Metre. Once it is full this will give you added damage against anyone who dares toy with you. On the flip side your enemies also have their own Fury Metre type which is brought on by someone banging the drums, battle music and loud chanting to raise morale of the fighters.

MadMax _ Melee Combat Kneejerk Reaction

The upgrade system in Mad Max allows you to upgrade everything from your armour to health and even upgrading your car the Magnum-Opus. To upgrade The Magnum-Opus you must collect scrap which is scattered all over the wasteland, once you collect enough you can attach a RAM to your car upgrade the engine and spikes to your rims and so much more. But maxing out your vehicle isn’t always a good idea all that weight that is added from the upgrades affect the handling of your Magnum-Opus and this can change the outcome of any vehicle battle you take part in.

MadMax_Side Ram

The map is huge, with so many side quests to take part in from freeing territory to helping prisoners there is so much to do while upgrading Max and your Magnum-Opus. Not to mention the beautiful Aussie accent that is brilliantly done (I could listen to it all day). Fans of the Mad Max films have long waited for a game and with a lot of games based of films not turning out so well Mad Max will not make it on that list. The sheer size of the game is impeccable with so much to do Mad Max will keep you entertained for a very long time.

Did you love Mad Max Fury Road? Are you hyped for the Mad Max Game? Let us know in the comments below.

Mad Max will drop on September 1st 2015


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