Yet another expansion coming to Disney World and Disney Land

Disney are rolling out the Disney World/Disney Land expansions at D23 this year. Bringing fans news of new park attractions and rides involving some of Disney’s famous characters, and characters they have acquired over the years. They have already announced a Star Wars expansion and a Marvel one is rumored to be happening, and now another one has been announced.


The newest expansion to be announced is Toy Story Land which will be coming to Disney World and Disney Land.

Kathy Mangum, lead creator for Walt Disney World, took the stage at this years D23 Expo to talk about the Toy Story Land in Hall 23  “We are looking at Hollywood Studios with different eyes, taking it from a behind-the-scenes experience, to one that takes you into your favorite movies,” Mangum explained.

During the revealing of Toy Story Land, Mangum compared Toy Story Land to Cars Land at the California Adventure park in Anaheim. “When you enter the land, you’ll be shrunk down to the size of the toys like Woody and Buzz. As you become a part of Andy’s world, you’ll have two brand new attractions. One will see little green aliens pulling you around as the Claw looms over you. The other is a family coaster where you ride on the back of Slinky Dog.”

These 2 new attractions sound like a great experience for families, you get to experience the rides from the perspective of the toys themselves, as you’ll be the size they would be if they were going on them.


In addition to the details of the park, Mangum also confirmed that Disney will be adding a track to Toy Story Mania to help accommodate more guests. This is a smart move by Disney, they will be able to generate more revenue from the ride, and generate more interest in it, getting more people on it at the same time.

As for when Toy Story Land will open, nothing has been officially announced. Toy Story 4, however, comes to theaters June 16th 2017. We here at Nerd Lowdown are pretty interested to see how the film turns out.


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