THEORY: Is The New Joker Actually Robin?

The DC Universe is set to get a new Batman, a new Joker and a world where Robin exists, or at least did, thanks to the suit on display in the Batman V Superman trailer… but is this new Joker actually a former Robin?

Madness & blasphemy you might cry, and maybe correctly. However popular fan theories doing the rounds are heavily hinting that Jared Leto’s Joker character is in fact Jason Todd or one of the other Robins. So let’s get to the evidence shall we?

Potential Spoilers for Batman V Superman/Suicide Squad will be discussed here along with spoilers for Batman: Arkham Knight

Firstly, the most recent findings by DeathByRequest over on Reddit points to the similarity of scars on The Joker & the Robin suit. In and around the shoulders of both Jared Leto’s Joker in the promo shot posted by David Ayer on Twitter quite some time ago and the Robin suit from the Dawn of Justice trailer are what look like gun shots, burn marks or scars from another such torture.


Of course, this could be coincidence, but it would be a very big coincidence that there are holes in the Robin suit exactly where  The Joker seems to have scars. Next, you’ve got the big metal grill that Jared Leto’s iteration of the Clown Prince of Crime is sporting on his pearly whites, or should that be lack of? This one was pointed out by Jason-G169, also on Reddit.

Jared-Leto-Joker-Tattoos-Teeth Now, while it’s perfectly reasonable to believe that the grill is merely a design choice that the film makers have gone with to distinguish this Joker from others, or that every time Batman puts a boot in your face you would need some dental work. Alternatively, you’d also need some dental work if your teeth were smashed in with a crow bar.

Any fan of the Batman comics will be very familiar with this famous and very controversial scene. In A Death in the Family comic arc, Jason Todd, who became Robin after Dick Grayson left to become Nightwing, was kidnapped, tortured and killed by The Joker (at least until his return in Under The Red Hood) with much of the damage being done with a brutal melee with a crowbar.


Then you have the tattoos, at least two in particular that we can see. First, on one of Leto’s biceps is what seems to be a feather. This could be very clever symbolism of the person The Joker used to be. Secondly, the skull jester on his chest could be a reference to the death of the original Joker, who did originally kidnap and torture Jason Todd leading to him taking over as The Joker in his deranged state, maybe even killing the original in the process.

Next is a bit of a further stretch, but still quite plausible should the film makers take inspiration from other forms of Batman media. The J mark/tattoo under The Joker’s eye, it isn’t the first time we have seen this adorn a characters face in Batman media.


That’s right, the Arkham Knight, who was revealed to be Jason Todd (you were warned above!) also had a J marked under the very same eye in the Batman: Arkham Knight game. As stated previously, this is a further stretch to warrant inclusion but who is to say it wasn’t a cross media easter egg hinting at something more?

The J and the presumed Robin tattoos could be ways of reminding both Todd & Bruce Wayne of who this Joker used to be. The Boy Wonder, Batman’s sidekick, Bruce Wayne’s son. What can be considered Batman’s greatest failure, the death of Jason in the first place, is now made even more tragic by the fact that this young boy has become the most notorious killer in Gotham City. Furthermore, Bruce’s line in the trailer:

“20 years in Gotham. How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?

You could take this to be Harvey Dent/Two-Face, members of the police force, or even alternate origins for other villains could see them being allies of Bruce Wayne before turning to evil. It could also be a blatant reference to the fact that a Robin was once a good guy, and went on to become the Batman’s arch-nemesis.


20 years in Gotham? Hell of a long time, especially in Gotham. While Leto is in and around the same age as Ben Affleck, it could be argued that this Joker looks younger than Bruce Wayne in ways. Maybe that’s because it isn’t the original Mistah J!

One argument against this theory here could be Harley Quinn. She is obviously very attached to The Joker in Suicide Squad, how could this be so if Jason Todd has become The Joker?


Well it’s actually quite simple. If her origin occurred before Todd’s transformation, then she could well be attracted to the idea of The Joker more than the man himself. This was seen again in Arkham Knight, where Harley attempted to recreate Jokers from people contaminated with the Clown Prince of Crime’s blood in Arkham City. Therefore whether it’s the original Joker or Jason Todd, the obsession will still exist and lead to their partnership.

Her origin may even only occur in Suicide Squad. Again, obsessed with the idea of The Joker be it old or new, is tainted by this Jason Todd version and innocent Harleen Quinzell becomes manic Harley Quinn. There was also the leaked ACE Chemicals image which could hint to Harley’s origin rather than The Joker with whom it is usually synonymous with.

Should Zack Snyder & Co actually go down this route, it would be quite a twist in the Batman V Superman continuity. It would be as brilliant as it would be controversial for purist fans of the comics. It would also be a way of preserving Heath Ledger’s performance as the “original” Joker. Despite being in completely different universes, he would be the original while Jason Todd would serve as an Earth-2 Joker, we’ll say. One who further tortures Batman mentally and physically given that he was once his son.

Alternatively, and probably, it’s just a well thought out fan theory and Jared Leto will be playing the original Joker ready to terrorise Gotham with his Puddin’!

What do you think? Is this a solid theory, or are there any holes you have to shoot into it? Let us know in the comments!


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