Captain America: Civil War Set Image Released

Captain America: Civil War is ramping up to be one of the biggest superhero events on the big screen of all time. Hero vs hero, with some villains thrown in for good measure. 

Unfortunately Marvel have kept relatively tight-lipped on much from the film, as is their style. Nine times out of ten you’ll only find out what they want you to find out. What we have now though is what looks like the first proper set image from the movie featuring The Winter Soldier and The Falcon!


It shows the pair running through what looks to be an airport or train station. Even with speculatory reports, it could always be presumed that Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson would team up with Cap rather than Iron Man. Where are they running to? Well, maybe that’s to save Captain America or one of their other anti-registration team mates from the hands of evil Baron Zemo… Or even Tony Stark!

The fact that we’ve got a proper high def photo hopefully signals the arrival of the first trailer for the movie very soon. It was expected to drop shortly after the D23 Expo showcase but alas this was not the case and we wait in hope.

Captain America: Civil War is due for release in Ireland & the UK on 29th of April 2016.


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