The Flash Is Getting… A Flash Signal?!

As The Flash is getting ready to race back on to our screens, it seems that not only has the Scarlet Speedster got himself a new suit, but some slightly familiar new equipment also!

The CW released a very short teaser trailer for the second series of the hit TV show based around Barry Allen’s heroics in Central City and while it features a new suit, and villains both old (Captain Cold) and new (Atom Smasher), something else of interest is also very quickly seen.

That’s right! The Flash will be getting a Bat… we mean Flash Signal! With the CW series showrunners unable to use a lot of elements from the major DC heroes like Batman or Superman, which we seen when there was a swiftly forgotten Harley Quinn cameo & then the death Suicide Squad member Deadshot in Arrow season 3, it also hasn’t stopped them drawing other elements which Zack Snyder & Co. may not wish to use at least as of yet. Villains like Dollmaker, Deathstroke, Ra’s Al Ghul & the League of Assassins have featured heavily within the CW DC Universe, it seems like they will also look to draw inspiration from items like the Bat-signal.


Presumably, this will be placed on top of Central City Police Department in order to alert Barry Allen, Jay Garrick & Wally West of crimes happening around the city, or even S.T.A.R Labs which is the base of operations for The Flash & his allies. Anyone willing to put money on Oliver Queen getting an Arrow-mobile for his Arrow Cave?

The Flash & Arrow return to The CW this October with Legends of Tomorrow joining them in the new year.


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