Ed Skrein Says Deadpool Will Be A Nightmare For Fox!

Despite the fact that we’re getting a new Star Wars, Batman is going to face off against Superman and Iron Man and Captain America are going to come to blows, some of the biggest excitement among comic book fans is for the Deadpool movie. 


It goes without saying that the reaction to anything released so far to do with the Merc with a Mouth’s movie has met rapturous applause online. Now, Ed Skrein who will be playing one of Deadpool‘s greatest enemies Ajax has stated that he expects the film to be a nightmare… for Fox’s lawyers!


Speaking to Digital Spy he explained why the R-Rated comic book movie may prove difficult for the studio’s legal team:

“We had Harry Styles, David Beckham, we had Prince Charles, we had so many! The funniest part was trying to keep a straight face. Ryan is such a comedic genius, and then people like [director] TJ Miller, who has a phenomenal sense of humour, they would make every take so different. We were so free in that aspect. I think it’s going to be a nightmare for the Fox lawyers and a nightmare in the edit, but wonderful for the viewer.”


Once Deadpool was announced as being R-Rated, you couldn’t really expect much else from the infamously controversial anti-hero. Considering he once killed THE ENTIRE MARVEL UNIVERSE, a few jokes about boy bands and royals will be right down the alley of the fourth wall breaking menace played by Ryan Reynolds.

Skrein also went on to discuss his own character Ajax, elaborating on how far into the villain’s origins they will be deliving:

“No, we don’t go too deep into Ajax’s backstory. We mention it, it’s very faithful to the first section of Ajax in the comics, the backstory that we see, the flashbacks in the comics, and so we’re very faithful to that. There’s a second half of Ajax in the comics, where he comes back five years later with this big crazy suit and stuff, and we didn’t touch on that, so this is the early Ajax. We’ve stayed very faithful to that.”


Given that Deadpool may not be the biggest household name for comic book movie fans, it makes sense that they will probably focus more on Reynolds as Deadpool than venture too deep into the story of Ajax, which as Skrein stated does get a little hectic as the years go by!

We’re sure whatever headaches Deadpool does cause Fox, it certainly couldn’t be anywhere near as bad as the eternal migraine Fantastic Four is causing them right now, can it?

Find out when Deadpool hits cinemas in February 2016!


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