Spider-Man Fights [SPOILER ALERT] In Civil War!

Production on Captain America: Civil War is nearing its end and Tom Holland is apparently in Germany where shooting is currently taking place for some of his Spider-Man parts. Fresh rumours have emerged on who the young web-slinger will be facing off against. 

It’s becoming increasingly speculated that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will maybe have a bigger role in Civil War than previously thought, and a new rumour courtesy of Heroic Hollywood points to which Avenger he will come into conflict with first!

Tom Holland

This post is long and full of potential spoilers. 

Still here? Ok. You were warned. So according to Heroic Hollywood, Spider-Man will be facing off against the one and only First Avenger himself Captain America, in what may be a significant fight scene involving Holland & Chris Evans.


Ok, this may not come as a major shock to anyone. Civil War is set to be Captain America vs Iron Man and Spider-Man was bound to get caught up in the crossfire somewhere along the line. What it may mean though, if Spider-Man has a larger role to play than previously thought, that we might be getting to see an even more faithful to the comics adaptation than first imagined.

For anyone who has read Mark Millar’s Civil War seven issue arc, you’ll know that while Peter Parker starts off as a protege of Tony Stark & his Pro-Registration campaign, he eventually starts to see things on the other side of the fence and joins up with Cap’s Secret Avengers.


Of course, we reiterate at this point that this is still rumour and Spider-Man may still only have a brief and fleeting cameo in Civil War. While the character needs no introduction to a casual audience, it’s difficult to see where Marvel will manage to fit in all of the Avenger vs Avenger action AND give Peter Parker/Spidey a proper introduction, but never write Marvel off.

Captain America: Civil War hits Irish theatres on the 29th of April 2016. Whose side are you on?


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