TGIF Post: Our Favourite Films of 2015 So Far!

Another Friday which means another TGIF Post. yes, we haven’t got around to one in a while since we’ve been busy with Comic Con and various other upcoming projects but today we have decide to chat about our favourite films of the year so far! Let’s get to it!

Inside Out 

‘Its another Pixar classic, its fun, the story is brilliant, also, it’s a great movie to teach kids about their emotions, give them an idea of what they are. I’d highly recommend people go see Inside Out!’

‘For me, Disney’s Inside Out is the strongest film of 2015 so far, as it represents a resounding return to form from Pixar. Inside Out is a beautifully sagacious story that balances the perfect amount of humour and charm to capture the attention of its younger viewers, whilst also maintaining a sense of nostalgia and real knowingness of what it means to grow up that’s sure to resonate with parents around the world. The film is so expertly crafted, your own emotions will shift repeatedly as Pixar proves once more that they’re the master of emotional manipulation. Stunning film. Just a total bundle of fun! I can’t imagine any other animated film this year eclipsing it for the Oscar. Also, does anyone fancy some triple dent gum?’

Fast and Furious 7
‘With so many films having been released this year it has been hard to choose my favourite, Fast and Furious 7 has to be my pick, Gorgeous girls fast cars gun fights and a great cast what more do you want in a film, Being a huge fan of the fast and furious films fast 7 was a special one not just to me but every fan, With the death of Paul Walker fans everywhere including myself were left heartbroken and to see him in his last fast and furious film was really sad. Fast 7 went bigger and better held its story line and added so much more than the previous films did, but the key moment for me was the ending when Dom drove of and Brian followed with Wiz Khalifas song See You Again playing in the background the two set of in different paths, Paul driving a white Toyota supra depicting that he is an angel, I’m not going to lie I teared up as did a lot in the cinema, After watching every fast and furious film I always left the cinema wanting to be this super cool street racer but when I left Fast 7 all I wanted to do was listen to that song and remember a great actor.’
‘ It was such a fresh take on the superhero genre and shows that there isn’t any one particular formula studios need to stick to bring comic book characters to the big screen. Paul Rudd triumphed in the role of Scott Lang and the supporting cast of Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly and Corey Stoll were phenomenal. It also featured the best fight scenes in any Marvel movie yet. The set pieces between Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket and ******** (I won’t spoil it!) were absolutely breathtaking! It wasn’t the best Marvel movie that we’ve seen, but certainly one of the most ambitious and it killed it!’
maxresdefaultJurassic World 
‘C’mon, Dinosaurs, massive set pieces, that theme tune and Chris Pratt. What more do you want? This is the definition of blockbuster fun. After more than one viewing, its a blast to watch on your own or with friends and well it may not be as good as the original – whats not to love about a good escapee movie? Total movie magic with incredible edge of your seat fun! Definitely my favourite film so far.’
So these are our favourite films so far, whats yours? We want to know! As always thanks for reading and we hope you have a great weekend! Nerd out!

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