The Pixar Theory

Earlier in the week we brought you a fan theory that speculated that The Joker in Suicide Squad may actually be a former Robin. It proved to be quite popular, inspiring us to bring you a series of said theories, Nerd Lowdown’s Fan Theory Friday! In our first Fan Theory Friday, we bring you The Pixar Theory.


The Pixar Theory, developed by Jon Negroni, speculates how every single Pixar movie is in fact interconnected and exists within the same universe. Madness, you might say, and you’d be right! How could Brave, Wall-E, Nemo, Cars & Toy Story all co-habitate the same world? Well Negroni actually has a very solid theory about all this, long and somewhat complicated, but solid.

Given how much detail is in this theory, we wouldn’t be able to do it justice by giving a mere simple summary however. The most digestible way to get it is through this simple narrative video:

So there you have it, the entire Pixar world is embroiled in a decades if not centuries long battle between humans, animals and machines, all manipulated by BnL and Boo is a witch travelling through time to find Sully! See, I told you we couldn’t do it justice! If you want to see where Inside Out fits into the Pixar Theory the video below speculates just that!

So that’s it for our first Fan Theory Friday! We’d also like to point out that Jon Negroni now has a book based on his theory, so he must be on to something!

Check back in next Friday for a whole new Fan Theory! Have you a favourite fan theory? Do let us know and it may well become our Friday feature!


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