Fear The Walking Dead – Pilot. (Review)

The spin off to the AMC hit horror drama The Walking Dead – aired the first episode of the series and we got to take a look. Get the lowdown here!

Fear the Walking Dead stars Kim Dickens (Gone Girl) and Cliff Curtis (Sunshine and Die Hard 4.0) as a couple who live out their lives in the sunny L.A with teenager children Alicia and Nick – played by new comers Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey.


The pilot starts off somewhat fast paced as we are introduced to junkie Nick as he wakes up from a late night drug fueled bender, unaware that his girlfriend has gone AWOL and left him behind. As he slowly comes to terms of his abandonment – the let go, vandalized church he has decided to call home begin to echo unholy cries for help.

As he sneaks around every corner in hope to find his girlfriend, he stumbles upon a bloody mess unlike anything he has witnessed before – we are then greeted with “Patient Zero” – Nicks girlfriend.

After escaping the hell hole, Nick is knocked down in rush hour traffic. Thus begins Fear The Walking Dead.


Fans of the original series be warned, minor spoilers may lie dead ahead.
This pilot episode is one of building character.

We meet Madison and Travis (Clark and Curtis) in their everyday life – fearing the worst for their household leaks and day to day bills. We are also met with their daughter Alicia, a soon to be college student with her future ahead of herself. In my opinion these characters are great. They’re everyday people going through their day to day lives as teachers unaware of what lies ahead.

The acting in this is stellar for a TV series. It’s nice to see Hollywood actors taking a step back from the feature films and developing out a TV character.

The pilot is a very character driven piece which I like from a pilot, you have an idea now, what each character is capable of and whom they are as a human being – also giving little details to explore in later episodes.


Now what’s Fear The Walking Dead without those infamous zombies? Do we get some? Oh yes. As before we are met with the very first “Zombie” of the story – patient zero, but the episode also gives us more, in the way of excellent teases to a scene which can be best described as “The Kill Shot”.

Without giving too much of the pilots plot away, I can safely say, although it’s a bit more slower (like our Walkers) in the way of episodes, but it successfully sets up what lies ahead for our unlikely¬† characters.

(Personal rating 4/5)

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? Going to give the spin off a go? Let us know! Nerd out!


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