Unused Concept Art from the Fantastic 4 released.

By now everyone has an idea of how bad the Fantastic 4 reboot has preformed at the box office and all the drama that has surrounded  what went on behinds the scenes. Now one of the conceptual artists has released some of his work on this facebook page.

Conceptual artist Steve Jung (Transformers: Age of Extinction) was one of many artists  brought in by 20th Century Fox to work on Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot. Below, you can check out unused designs for the inter-dimensional Planet Zero and a castle Victor von Doom (formerly known as Victor Domashev) lived in while he was there.

“Might as well show some work from this movie called Fantastic Four lol,” Jung wrote on his official Facebook page. “I was on this one early on before all the drama happened… none of my work made it to the movie (kinda glad) since it got changed many times after I left the project. Exploration of the Planet Zero and Victor’s castle ideations. By the way, the texture of the terrain is cigarette buds from a picture of the director’s ashtray.”

When Jung was asked if director Josh Trank specifically requested the cigarette bud-look, he replied, “Yes, he took the picture himself.” Jung then added, “The white puss coming out of the rocks were requested as well.”

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The fact that one of the conceptual artists has said he is kind of glad his work never made it into the movie says a lot. Have you seen the Fantastic 4 reboot? Let us know.


2 thoughts on “Unused Concept Art from the Fantastic 4 released.”

  1. I’m a little bummed it didn’t make it in there because maybe at least the movie would have been cool to look at, but at the same time it would have made the movie even more disappointing because the awesome look would have just further proved that there was so much wasted potential with this movie.


    1. It does look unreal and would have added to the movie, but I see what you mean, with all that happened to this movie, it could have potentially been a disaster much like the movie itself. The cast have so much potential

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