Batman Doesn’t Kill… Or So He Wants You To Think!

It’s a well-known fact that Batman’s one rule is that he refuses to kill his enemies. Despite his mission to stop crime, his moral compass still does not allow him to deliver anything more than a few broken bones and soft tissue injuries… or does it?

Many have contested how strictly Batman sticks to his one rule, and there has been many incidents in the comic books where he in fact does not abide by this. Some incidents have been a case of just choosing not to save a bad guy, while others like the end of The Killing Joke live in a much grayer area.

However, Mr. Sunday Movies has brought us a supercut of all the times Batman has in fact killed in the live action movies alone, never mind comics, cartoons, games or other media!

A grand total of 45 deaths at the hands of the Batman in his live action history. FORTY FIVE! Now, for someone who apparently does not kill, this is quite a lot and to top it all off, not all of these deaths were notorious villains like The Joker or Two-Face, but mere henchmen.

With Batman V Superman only set to send that number even higher considering he is clearly seen snapping a mans neck in the trailer and will have quite the crime fighting arsenal, we guess Batman has some serious explaining to do. Hypocrite.

Batman V Superman hits theatres in March 2016.


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