Fear The Walking Dead Gives A Nod To A Zombie Classic!

AMC’s mega hit Fear The Walking Dead made it’s debut this weekend – like The Walking Deait does not refer to the undead as zombies. Most are known as walkers, roamers or biters, but in the now successful spin-off it has been confirmed that it has been inspired by an early 2000 film which reinvented the zombie-horror genre.34320aea-043a-4c41-8b79-f25d38a39f5a-1020x612

‘Right now, playing off of the idea that they think this is a viral and something you can catch that’s transmitted, they start to call them – the infected – which is a nod to 28 Days Later,’ showrunner Dave Erickson told The Hollywood Reporter.
‘We don’t get into a place in the story where they’re going to start throwing names. Our characters in S1 still think these people are human and sick for a chunk of time. – Infected – made story sense for us and as things evolve, we’ll come up with new names.’


28 Days Later is now seen as a cult hit – being the firdt zombie film to introduce the ‘Running Zombie Breed’ we see in many films of the genre today!

Are you guys a Zombie fan? Whats your favourite? Let us know! Nerd out!


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