Space Duck Games Take Aim At Board Gaming In Ireland!

Ireland has always had a love affair with board games. Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Jenga, you name it! It’s probably in a closet in your house somewhere for a rainy day (we have lots of those!), but a new company is about to emerge that hopes to bring you new and Irish-made games to your table! 

Space Duck Games are a brand new company set up by two Dublin-based friends, Tom Hughes and Patrick O’Callaghan, who shared a massive passion for board games, stories and comedy. These interests inspired them to set up Space Duck Games and they are already underway with the development of their first game, El Presidente!

El Presidente_SpaceDuck_Logo

El Presidente will launch on Kickstarter in October and the guys at Space Duck Games hope that it not only provides them with a launch pad, but that they also boost the greatly expanding gaming scene in Ireland.

The premise and concept of El Presidente we have to say is very interesting:

“The island of Savatori, despite being a veritable paradise, is in trouble! Presidente Fernando Manda, or ‘El Presidente’ as he was affectionately known, has been found dead under strange, but frankly somewhat predictable, circumstances. After his untimely demise (well..he really had it coming…a tax on the little cocktail umbrella’s was never a popular choice) a power vacuum has been created and it needs to be filled by one of the more competent, politically enlightened Savatorians (OK fine, whomever is handy and can face the right direction while standing on a podium!).

El Presidente_SpaceDuck_BoardBeta

In El Presidente you play as one of those ‘enlightened’ folk, each with their own past history and motivations in trying to topple the competition and become the next leader of the island of Savatori. You will achieve this by campaigning around the island, collecting resources and employing agents to bolster popularity with the Savatorians.  Naturally you will also want to build the shiniest limo so you can carry more helpers! It’s not all about you though.  Intermittently you will have to work with your competitors to make sure that Savatori doesn’t fall into complete anarchy, and then claim you were their savior all along!”

A dead president and players not only competing, but possibly forming (temporary) alliances before leaving knives in each others backs all in the aim of becoming ruler of an island nation? Very Game of Thrones-like, which we’re sure will cause many a game-ending argument when the family come round Christmas evening! Sick of Uncle John winning Cluedo every year? Why not pick up El Presidente and politically humiliate him as you conquer Savatori!

El_Presidente_SpaceDuck_Characters 3of6

El Presidente will hit Kickstarter in October and we’re very excited for it to do so, as it certainly sounds like an exciting and innovative game. A definite change from what we’re all overly familiar with! All the more exicting that El Presidente comes from an Irish company!

While you’re waiting for October to roll around, check out Space Duck Games over on Facebook & their website for every update on El Presidente and anything else they bring to us in the future!

What are your favourite board games? Monopoly Maestro or Trivial Pursuit Champion? Or are table top or trading card games like Dungeons & Dragons or Yu-Gi-Oh more your speed? Let us know on all the usual channels!


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