FIFA 16 Demo Release Date Revealed

There’s some things in life that are certain. Birth, Death, Taxes and a new FIFA Football game every year without fail. Soon, you can play the demo of EA’s latest instalment in the best-selling football simulator!

September 8th is when the demo for FIFA 16 is dropped on relevant online outlets for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. This will give people the chance to find out if the games match play engine will really be as much as an improvement on last years.


Not only will there be 10 clubs from across the world playable in Kick-Off mode but also two of the international women’s teams who will becoming to FIFA for the very first time, those teams being Germany & Women’s World Cup Champions USA! Anyone who downloads the demo will also get an early look at the new FIFA Ultimate Team draft system before general release on the 22nd of September.

Of course, much like every other year, regardless of how much more or less improved FIFA 16 itself is in comparison to its predecessor, it won’t stop it shooting straight to the top of the sales charts as it does every single year. If there’s one thing EA do right, it’s FIFA. 


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