Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2. (Review)

We got to watch the second episode to the Zombie spin off – get the low down here!


Entitled “So Close Yet So Far”, episode 2 picks up immediately after the final scene of the pilot. We pick up back with Madison and Travis as they becoming aware of the fate of humanity – yet the world is totally oblivious of what is happening around them.
As the apocalypse begins to take charge we see the family having to come to terms on what they must do to survive.
*minor Spoilers ahead* – as the virus begins to spread – Madison, Travis and Nick find that Alicia in her high school sweethearts house as she looks after him – after contracting the ” flu”. As she is unaware of the high possibility that her boyfriend will “turn” this becomes clear as her parents find a bite mark on his chest.
With one thing leading to another (don’t want to spoil everything) the family is split up – with Travis trapped in a families Barbers Shop as the looting begins to turn violent, event though some of the crowd may not be who they seem. –
Alone, Madison finds herself trying to keep Alicia and Nick (who is going Cold Turkey) safe in the family home as the apocalypse begins literally outside their door.

This is a great second episode, picking up the pace and giving the audience even more to be excited about.
In some cases, very disturbing and real – the producers make it clear that there is more to come in a way of violent, very real human interaction – along with some undead.

This spin off series is off to a brilliant start, raking in the views which will mean that even more epic series will come down the pipeline.


(Personal rating 4/5)

Fans of Zombies, trust me when I say – give this one a go. Nerd out!


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