Something Very Kick Ass Might Be Coming Our Way!

Hints have been dropping to a possible sequel/spin off to the popular Superhero franchise – and as of today, this might be true. Get the lowdown here.

Kick Ass stars Aaron Taylor Johnston and Chloe Grace Moretz as the two Superhero leads in the super violent barrage of goofs, foul language and incredible set pieces.

The original was such a hit back in 2010 that it spawned a sequel which did “okay” review wise – but was loved by fans (including myself).

Writer of the stories Mark Miller on 30mins ago tweeted this mysterious tweet – what does it mean?

Could a Kick Ass 3 be in the works? Maybe. But, wouldn’t he have shared a picture of both leads?
At the closing of Kick Ass 2 *Spoilers* – we saw the two Superhero leads go their separate ways – so could this mean that we maybe getting a Hit Girl spin off? It’s a possibility.


So what do you think guys and girls? Let us know below! Nerd out!


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