Marvel Studios Creative Department Is Being Shut Down

You may have heard during the week Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, would no longer report to Isaac Perlmutter of Marvel Entertainment. He will instead be reporting directly to Alan Horn, Chief of Walt Disney Studios. Well it looks like the changes at Marvel Studios are only just beginning.

With the head of Marvel Studios being taken away from the Marvel family, it seems another change has followed, Reports say the Creative Committee, a group of creators, Marvel Comics executives and alums, has been shut down, or for now have been removed from the behind the scenes of the MCUgoing forward.

The creative committee, which included comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis (who also frequently works in the TV animation and video game departments for Marvel), publisher Dan Buckley, and CCO Joe Quesada, might still have some form of say at Marvel TV, a side division of Marvel Studios run by Jeph Loeb (who is a former comic book writer himself).  Marvel TV has had much closer connections with the comic book side of things in comparison to the films, which has seen creators write episodes and writers tv writing comics.


So what does this all mean for Marvel Movies and Marvel Studios going forward? Well, the Creative Committee was formed to keep the tone of the films close to the comic books, to do the comics justice if you will. Creators who worked on those characters for years had a say in how they were portrayed on film. Which makes sense, you’d want to make sure something you created was drastically changed. They were consulted for dialogue, plot points, and general issues of connectivity to Marvel Comics’ long history of characters. After seven years and twelve films, the head honchos at Marvel Studios might be starting to think that they are capable of taking on this task by themselves. They might not feel the need to consult a creative committee. The official dissolution of the Committee doesn’t mean Marvel Studios can’t or won’t ever go to anyone at Marvel Comics, it just means they want to go it alone.

This means that Marvel Studios will be going forward is an independent company from Marvel Comics. This in turn means that Phase 3 of their films will be a new first wave, and prove to be a test of how the newly independent studio will handle these billion dollar properties going forward.

What do you think of this? Will it affect marvel movies going forward? Let us know.


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