Star Wars Set To Film In Ireland Yet Again!

Star Wars is once more set to take production in Irish waters. Get the lowdown here!

Lucasfilm has been granted even more permission by the Minister For Arts to begin a small shoot.
Lucasfilm production will film parts of Star Wars Episode IX on Skellig Michael off the coast of county Kerry.


Episode IX will be directed by Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow. With it being the second Star Wars film to be shot in Ireland, the Minister said the production will bring a massive boost to tourism in the area – with 20% flocking to the site of filming. It will also employ a major amount of workers for the small shoot.


This years Star Wars: The Force Awakens employed more than 70 locals for their shoot last year. The local community hope it will bring a massive economic boost to the region.

Star Wars Episode IX is due for release in 2019 with production seemingly starting today. Nerd out!


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