Everest (Review)

We got to go along to the Irish premiere to the new Drama – Thriller Everest, and were we in for a treat!

Being one of my most anticipated films to finish out the year, my hopes were a little more high but not as high as the incredible 30’000ft peak.

Everest is directed by Baltasar Kormákur (2 Guns) and it tells the true story of a group of adventurer’s who take on the most dangerous trek: the peak of the mountain. While climbing the expedition is devastated by several severe snow storm with catastrophic consequences.


Lead by an all star cast including Jason Clarke (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), Josh Brolin (No Country For Old Men) and Jake Gyllenhaal (Nightcrawler) who play real life climbers Rob Hall, Beck Weathers and Scott Fisher . The story successfully captured the harsh reality of Earth’s most demanding summit climb. The emotion is incredibly vivid by all parts especially from our two female leads Keira Knightly and Emily Watson.

This is a very harrowing, emotional real take on life’s most utterly painful moments – as man does, indeed meet his maker on top of the mountain.


Experiencing such heartbreaking (true) events in the overly powerful IMAX 3D is one that should not be missed as the greatly acted piece from all involved is greeted with jaw dropping visual/practical effects – emphasising the landscape as not only natural but a character in itself.

Whether it be the mountain itself, wind, snow, ice and the hurricane like storms the makers really did invest their time to make sure everything was as real as possible.The sheer beauty is captured in beautiful cinematography but by the flick of a switch the awe turns to terror. As beauty truly does meet the beast.

On viewing we compared some aspects of the story to Mark Wahlberg’s war drama (which was also based on true events) Lone Survivor. Being that, the landscape was the enemy and the terror to the characters.

Everest is one of the years most unexpected – pleasurable watches yet – and can be best described as this years Gravity (seemingly perfect but deadly to the touch). Making sure to stay faithful to the story of all the mountaineers, it was not only captivating to myself and the audience but it also portrayed the epic journey’s memory to a heroic respectful conclusion.

(Personal Rating: 4/5)

Are you excited to see Everest? Let us know! Nerd out!



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