Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 3 – The Dog (Review)

After last weeks mid season break – we pick up straight back into the epicenter of the apocalypse, entitled The Dog – this is episode three, get the lowdown here!

After they escape a breakout riot caused by a mix of looters and the undead, Travis, Liza and Chris seek refuge with the Salazars in their family run barber shop, while Madison tries to protect Nick and Alicia and defend her home.


This is a great episode. Slightly bringing up the scale – we get to see the start of what we wanted: the breakout. With police trying to fight back an undead enemy, Travis and co must make a dash for his car as the city begins to burn.
In this sequence we are met with one of the best moments of the entire franchise. The blackout. As they make their daring escape through the various uphill roads, our characters are front row seaters to the downfall of the city. With a score of epic decibels overtaking, we bare witness to the cities lose of power. One area at a time, sequenced with perfection to the score – it is up their as one of if not the best moment of the spin off series thus far.


As Travis tries his best to make it home – Madison has her own problems to deal with. As darkness falls and the family resort to a game of Monopoly to block out the demons of the night – a bang is enough to send them into horror. Patrick, a friendly neighbour is not what he seems and begins to overtake the house. Queue the tension. This second act type sequence to the episode is brilliantly portrayed, as you, (the viewer) is thrown straight into the pits with the family as make every step a silent one. Finding a gun in a near by house they begin to trek back in order to take care of the problem before Travis arrives home. Unaware of the danger.


But its too late. In one of the better acts – all hell breaks loose (momentarily) – in one quick move Daniel Salazar “takes care” of the intruder.
In some mighty violence, the two groups are finally reunited – in good and bad terms which will hopefully be resolved before its too late.

Presuming it is safe to leave the cities, the groups are pounced on by the USA Marines as they begin to search the area for code name: infected, as martial law begins to take effect.


Now thinking the area is rid of all bad – the family truly believe that they are now safe, but what lies ahead is something unimaginable.

Episode 3 was a delight to watch, keeping me fully intrigued from the get go – throwing my nerves to 100 and making me believe that our main characters are not safe from the vicious undead.

(Personal rating: 4/5)

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One thought on “Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 3 – The Dog (Review)”

  1. The scene with the back outs was really beautifully done. I loved how they used the rolling black outs as a way of bringing more tension and some reveals. I really enjoyed this episode, can’t wait for next week. Great recap!


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