This is not the watch you are looking for!

These days a lot can be said about a man by the watch that he wears. The type of watch a man wears is often a judge of character and personality. Well now watchmakers Devon have unveiled what we can only describe as the ultimate watch for any man that wants to show off.

The Star Wars watch will cost $28,500 USD, which is a huge amount of money for a watch and to make sure you get one, you need to put down a $2,500 deposit for a pre-order. This new watch is  a hand-crafted watch, an individually numbered Star Wars watch that is a lot more expensive than you would expect a watch to be.



The number of watches being made is limited to just 500, along with looking total badass  it includes features such as a scratch-resistant poly carbonate lens with “bullet-proof durability,” not only that, it also comes with a set of TIE – Fighter cuff links, so you can deck out your suit and impress your colleagues in the board room.

Devon are also offering a 15 day money back guarantee, so if you decide within 15 days of forking out for this watch that you don’t want it (not that anybody would decide they don’t want it) you can get your money back, so long as it is in a new and unused condition.

We’d love to have the money to get one of these watches, they look pretty awesome. What do you guys think of this star wars themed watch? let us know.


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