Fear the Walking Dead – Episode 4: Not Fade Away (Review)

We caught up with the latest in Fear The Walking Dead – Not Fade Away, which is episode four of six. Take a read.

In this episode, we see Madison and Travis see different sides of the National Guard’s occupation in their neighbourhood as the family tries to adapt to the new world in which they must live behind fencing as a curfew is in effect.

To start off this is a totally character episode with barely a sight of the infected – but the episode does introduce us to a new enemy of sorts. The National Guard have seemingly saved the day with their blockade giving refuge to our main characters.
All does not fit well with some though.


While Travis acts as a spring chicken Mayor – Madison is left to fend for her family as Alicia is still coming to terms with “the new world” and Nick is seemingly going cold turkey as it is.


Throughout we see that Madison does not trust the new saviours as their lies grow thin – and a light in the distance from a near by house in the quarantine zone shines for help – she takes it upon herself to go rescue those trapped.


As she embarks on her travels, Nick begins to use again – stealing morphine from a near by house – thus ensuing catastrophic events which will take place at the concluding moments of the episode.

As a new doctor begins her house to house sweeps of the injured it is decided the Salazar couple who rescued Travis and co in an early episode must be taken to a secure ward only minutes from them – in order to save the injured leg of Mrs Salazar –

Cutting back to Madison, we learn along with her that it is not safe outside the fencing as the streets are lined with bodies of the dead (some not infected). Did an extermination take place? These questions will hopefully be answered.

Running back to the safe haven, Madison finds that the National Guard have come to escort the Spanish couple to the ward – what they don’t know is that Nick is on the dreaded list instead of Daniel Salazar. In one of the more shocking moments we see Nick somewhat whisked away in handcuffs; his destination unknown.

Ending on a somewhat depressing monologue from Alicia, we come to realise that in fact some of our characters have accepted the horrors unfolding in their new world.


(Personal rating 3.5/5)

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