Tom Hiddleston Spills Some News on Kong’s “Skull Island”!

With news breaking of a Kong prequel set on the mysterious Skull Island – where the infamous ape lives. Fans went crazy for gossip and now we’ve got even more to go on!

Loki himself Tom Hiddleston who is set to star in the monster mash – who, having made quite a MARVELlous name for himself seems to be very excited to get his hands on the role!

Speaking to Total Film he said:
“It’s fantastic, very different, a sort of re-imagining of the King Kong mythology.”


He also was happy to give us all an insight into the production:
“It’s absolutely tips it’s hat to all the King Kong movies that have gone before, with respect and deference but it’s a new period, a new set of character’s.
Jordon Vogt-Roberts’ vison was breathtaking. He came into Legendary and said; ‘what if you do this? And we were blown away.”

The Crimson Peak star also gave a small take on his character role:
“I play a former soldier who is contracted to go to Skull Island for a particular reason, but I am no longer officially a military officer. He’s the protagonist, so I’m not playing the villain and I’m not playing the antihero. You see the story through his eyes, which is nice.”


The monster show down which is rumoured to be a prequel to Peter Jackson’s 2005 hit is set to start production soon along with a release date set for the 10th of March 2017.
Hiddleston will co-star along with Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson.

So what do you all think? Let us know below. Nerd out!


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