Make Way For Damage Control!

As giants of the comic book genre look to further diversify their slate, moving away from just movies and creating interlinked serial shows on both network shows and Netflix, the next challenge is how to keep the genre from stagnating. 

One such attempt at doing this is trying their hand at 30 min sitcoms. DC have already announced Powerless, a work-place comedy situated in an insurance company based in the DC Universe which will be hosted by NBC. Attentions turned to Marvel to see what attempt they would make in producing their own attempt at a sitcom, and now we know what that will be.


According to Deadline, Marvel TV have ordered a pilot for Damage Control. Yes, that’s right, Damage Control! Damage Control are a fictional corporation within the Marvel Universe that is in charge of the clean up in the aftermath of events like New York or Sokovia for example. When things get hairy as the Avengers try to take down supervillains you’ll see buildings smashed up, vehicles tossed like ping-pong balls. Of course, someone needs to clean this up right? That’s Damage Control!

It is also reported that the single-camera comedy which has had a pilot ordered for ABC, which also hosts Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D & will also host A.O.S spin-off Marvel’s Most Wanted, will be developed by Ben Karlin. For those unfamiliar with Ben Karlin, he was an executive producer on the very popular The Daily Show & The Colbert Report, so he is well versed in the world of making people laugh out loud.


The exciting part about Damage Control, even more so than DC’s Powerless, is how it will interlink into the events of the MCU. Whether it’s Captain America, Iron Man & The Avengers, Daredevil & The Defenders or the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, they all have the potential to impact heavily on the Damage Control TV show, possibly even make some brief cameos if it can be arranged! Imagine Spider-Man swinging through a New York construction site in which he had battled Green Goblin while the construction workers curse him for the work he has caused them, or some office workers blaming Captain America & Iron Man for the over time they need to do to finalise paperwork. This is exactly what we can expect from Damage Control!

No release date is set so far, but keep an eye out on Nerd Lowdown for all of the latest on Damage Control. 


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