Civil War II Approaching?

Fear not Marvelites, Marvel aren’t jumping the gun in announcing a Civil War movie sequel already, but in fact they do seem to be pushing forward with a sequel to the infamous comic book arc!

Thanks to Ryan Higgins, owner of Comics Conspiracy & co-host of The Geekbox podcasts, who dropped what seems to be pretty solid confirmation that Marvel will be producing a follow-up to what is considered one of the biggest events in comic book history, Marvel’s Civil War.

Given that the II is in font type identical to the Civil War comics along with the very blatant Iron Man vs Captain America on the front of the post card, it’s hard not to assume that this is quite clearly some promotional material for a second go at a Civil War story arc.

With the marketing hype train kicking into overload for Captain America: Civil War bringing out a sequel to the story arc that inspired the film might well be an ingenious move to boost sales in the run up to what will be a massive movie event. It will also remind fans of old why their favourite superheroes are clashing and also look to bring new fans on board with a fresh look at Mark Millar’s classic story.


With Iron Man facing off against Sam Wilson as Captain America, Civil War II may well be a follow-up to Secret Wars that is currently running at the moment. Perhaps in the aftermath of this event, Tony Stark once again pushes the agenda of the Superhero Registration Act in order to bring accountability to heroes in the Marvel Universe while Falcon/Cap fights against the Act, much like his predecessor Steve Rogers did in a bid to protect the identities, families and friends of crime fighters.

We’ll have to wait to find out more but big thanks again to Mr. Ryan Higgins for dropping the big news! Here’s hoping the Marvel Legal Death Squad don’t pay him a visit!


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