Fear the Walking Dead: Ep 6 – The Good Man

We got to catch the finale of this years zombie spin off! Take a read here!
After the events of last weeks episode where we found out the true intentions of the national guard: extermination the survivors. Leave the infected.

As the world begins to crumble around our characters, Travis, Madison and Daniel along with the rest must make a daring escape of the estate and plan a rescue for Liza and Nick who are “trapped” in the quarantine zone.


The tension had built all season to this finale so did they bring it?
Yes and no, this is a very personal episode for our characters as much of the story is concluded – mainly the true faith of Mrs Salazar.
After torturing the location out of their hostage soldier Daniel and Madison plan the faith of him. Not happy, Travis secretly sets the soldier free – ensuring that everything will be okay to an upset Daniel.


As the undead are set free on the camp, Liza is unwilling leaves her patients behind – in all the confusion and violence – the merry band are brought back together, desperate to survive.


Met with Nick’s new friend Strand they take refugee at his sea front home awaiting to get abroad his cruiserliner. Although, nothing goes to plan – in all the madness Liza is bitten.

Aware of her faith, she asks Madison to end her and not to let Chris see her as a member of the undead.
Feeling that it is his duty, Travis takes it upon himself to put Liza down. In one of the more emotional – heartbreaking scene, as the raw carnage of the apocalyptic world is now a certain reality for our characters. Roll credits.


This is not a happy ending to the series. It is good, and bad as I said – with few pacing issues here and there the tension over takes and ensures that this is a satisfying ending to the series.

Altogether this has been a very successful series. Giving the more human side to the world we know from TWD. It will now be interesting to see how the characters go on in the following series to come.

(Personal rating 3.5/5)
(Overall Season rating 4/5)

Have you kept up with the series? Let us know what you thought! Nerd out!


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