Far Cry Primal Announcement Trailer Released!

After an overnight tease and accidental leak of the title, we have finally gotten our first look at the new Far Cry title, Far Cry Primal!

And Primal it certainly will be given that the game will be set all the way back in the Stone Age! For Ubisoft, it will be a far cry from (pardon the pun) the unique and beautifully modern Himalayas setting we witnessed in Far Cry IV but if the release trailer for Far Cry Primal is anything to go by we really are in for a neolithic treat!

Taking control of Takkar, a primal human from 10,000 B.C., you will lead hunting packs against woolly mammoths, dire wolves, saber tooth tigers and more all while combating enemy tribes for land and camps. Ubisoft Creative Director Jean-Cristophe Guyot delved into why they went with the Stone Age setting:

“The Stone Age is the perfect setting for a Far Cry game. Far Cry usually puts you at the edge of the known world, in a beautiful, lawless and savage frontier.  The Stone Age is, in a way, the very first frontier for humankind; it’s the time when humans put a stick in the ground and claimed land for their own, the time when we started climbing the food chain.  That came with conflict, against other humans of course, but also against nature itself.”


It is not very long ago since Far Cry IV hit next generation consoles in spectacular form, only 10 months there or there abouts, but what we could well be seeing now is Ubisoft’s attempt at creating more regular releases of the Far Cry series much like the Assassin’s Creed series which has seen sequel after sequel, a prequel to a sequel (Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag), a trilogy within a trilogy (Ezio’s Trilogy) and other spin-off titles such as Liberation & Rogues!

Far Cry Primal is set for release on the 23rd of February 2016 which is not very far away! Better get that pre-order in fast & keep an eye on Nerd Lowdown for all the details as they break!


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