Arrow: Green Arrow – Review

After the astounding return of The Flash, it was going to be pretty tough for Arrow to top it… but with a change of heart, and codename it manages to take the show to lofty new heights.


Arrow show runners and creative masters promised us a more light-hearted affair in the fourth season of Arrow, a departure from the dark and dreary seasons that preceded it. Straight from the off this is evident in the cutesy and hilarious opening moments showing Oliver & Felicity’s new life together in Ivy Town. Cooking, hosting brunch parties with the neighbours, one of Oliver’s best ever one liners in his Omelette joke and even a promise of marriage. Of course, as with any comic book couple, peace and tranquility is but a far off dream.

Cut to Starling, sorry, Star City and things aren’t as happy-go-lucky as you thought they might be but are they ever? Star City is being terrorized by “The Ghosts” and Diggle, Black Canary and Thea aka the Red Arrow are struggling to keep their heads above water. An attack by none other than Damien Darhk on some high-profile Star City authorities, including Quentin Lance, causes Laurel & Thea to rush to Ivy Town in order to urge Ollie out of retirement and back into the world of vigilantism and crime fighting. On Felicity’s encouragement, who as it turns out was secretly helping the gang all along, Oliver returns to Star City in order to help, and finds that it might not be as much of a temporary retirement as he thought.


The rest of the episode is typical Arrow as we know and love it. Fast paced action and a villainous plot to destroy one of the few monuments of hope in a very run down Star City, the new Star City Train Station. Oliver, despite trying to be a changed man does slip back into some of his old Arrow habits; lecturing Thea over her aggression/exubrance in fighting and attempting to patch things up with Dig after their unceremonious falling out last season. However the Arrow is dead, and the Green Arrow has been born ready to bring a new ray of hope to the citizens of Star City.

As for flashback scenes, it’s business as usual for Amanda Waller trying and failing to turn Oliver into a killing machine… in Coast City interestingly enough. As you may or may not have expected this leads to one of the biggest and most fantastical Easter Eggs we have witnessed between Arrow & The Flash combined. You would need to be blind to miss it! We’ll let you find out for yourself but we will discuss it in a separate post in the next few days. Other than that, it courses Oliver’s path back to Lian Yu once again.


It wouldn’t be a quality episode of Arrow without dropping a couple of mind bombs along the way either! We are introduced to Damien Darhk’s powers, which are on a level of Neo from The Matrix kind of freaky! Giving us a glimpse into the magical and mystical elements that will be put in front of Team Arrow this season, and what will cause Oliver to work with Mr. John Constantine in order to gain an upper hand. Not only that, but in the final moments of the episode we are introduced to one of his new H.I.V.E allies who is a bit too close to home for any kind of comfort. Quentin Lance. Expect plenty of tension between him and Laurel once this is revealed to Team Arrow in the near future.


The closing moments of the episode are the most poignant and potentially devastating we will see in Arrow since it began and there has already been tonnes of these traumatic moments. This one might just top them. Cutting to six months later and watching a broken Oliver Queen standing over a freshly filled in grave as Barry Allen stands beside him. The one question that is not answered is who exactly is the loved one that will be departing this series without taking a trip to the Lazarus Pit. Felicity? Laurel? Thea? Diggle? If you’ve read our preview you will know exactly who Nerd Lowdown’s money is on, but whoever it is, is certainly close enough to Oliver for him to vow to kill the perpetrator.


While Arrow did not pose as many questions as The Flash did, it did set us up for some major falls already and we’ve only had one episode! Why is Lance working with Darhk in an attempt to destroy Star City, or is it Team Arrow that his grudge is with? Who is in that grave? A death that clearly breaks Oliver’s heart. If Episode One is anything to go by, we are in for an emotional roller coaster this season. Bring it on.

Arrow Epsiode Two: The Candidate airs on October 14th!


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