Major Godzilla – Kong News Drops Online!

As of yesterday Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros have confirmed a Godzilla – King Kong shared universe! Get the lowdown here!

Following the success of last years monster flick Godzilla, both major studio pictures have announced that a showdown of the two most famous monsters in movie history would be getting a 21st Century revamp!

It has been confirmed that an initial monster trilogy will take hold with Kong: Skull Island (Skull Island News) which begins production on the 19th being the first of the three. Then in 2018, Godzilla come stomping back in a sequel to Gareth Edwards 2014 original – Edwards will return to direct with no confirmation on any returning or new cast.
Finally, the studios announced that an epic showdown will take over in 2020 with Godzilla Vs King Kong with it only being an announcement, no specific cast or crew has been confirmed as of now.


The fact that we wont see the two giants fight till a mere five years is bonkers in itself but we will just have to wait and fan all over who will take the title as the leading monster!

Are you Team Kong or Team Zilla? Let us know! Nerd out!


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