The Flash: Flash Of Two Worlds – Review

After an impressive return to Central City last week, The Flash returns with what can only be described as a Silver Age DC love-in with our first real introduction to Jay Garrick! 

After showing up at in STAR Labs to everyone’s amazement & confusion, Jay Garrick now has to explain himself to Team Flash. You’d think this would be simple. He can just do a quick lap of STAR Labs at super-speed, prove he is in fact another Flash from another Earth, but unfortunately the Crimson Comet has lost his powers after coming through the breach from Earth 2. Leaving Jay having to prove himself and his identity to everyone. While everyone else trusts in him despite lack of solid evidence, Barry is still unsure. While Jay Garrick attempts to fill a mentoring role, despite not being The Flash for much more than a few months longer than Barry. This similarity to Harrison Wells’ attempts to aid Barry leaves him with a bad taste and in his new-found stubbornness leaves Earth 2 Flash in a cell for quite some time.


Despite Jay’s best efforts, Barry freezes him out and when faced with the challenge of another Earth 2 villain, he finds himself in way over his head. Through the aptly named Sand Demon, we are also introduced to another new character, Patty Spivot, a police officer determined to get herself onto Detective West’s Anti-Metahuman Task Force. Sand Demon, operating on the orders of Zoom, kidnaps Patty in order to lure The Flash into a trap and kill him. Of course, thanks to Barry opening up to Jay, a clever plan involving two Flashes, some vibes from Cisco and some new electrifying powers, Team Flash over come the Sand Demon leading to one of the greatest scenes we have seen in The Flash yet; justifying the Flash of Two Worlds title.


It is worth noting that Ms. Spivot’s doting admiration for Barry & The Flash, both of them in fact, might open up an interesting love triangle within this season. In Flash history, she did have an unrequited crush on Barry Allen which was scuppered by the fact that Barry went on to marry Iris. What we’re saying is, watch this space!

What the second episode of The Flash lays down for us is a brilliant explanation of the Multiverse, one that if you never picked up a DC comic you’ll have no problem grasping and if you have you will be giddy with excitement. We are on Earth 1, Jay Garrick is from Earth 2 and there are potentially an infinite number of other Earths whereby different versions of The Flash & Co. exist. The breach, or breaches, that opened up between Earth 1 & Earth 2 are still open and this is what allows Zoom to bring villains like Atom Smasher & Sand Demon to Earth 1. So we can expect many other Earth 2 villains along with appearances from Earth 3, 4, 5 and so on characters should they wish to expand the Multiverse that far.


We’re also introduced to Cisco’s “Vibes” that have been allowing him make great calls in assisting Barry in fighting crime. This is the start of what will lead Cisco down a path of becoming a metahuman himself. He is reluctant however to embrace this as much like Barry, he is still feeling the effects of Dr. Wells and his influence in the coming about of these powers and Cisco is afraid that they may take him down a darker path.

We also get a good look at Zoom, the big bad of this series who will pose a challenge to Barry that will take two Flashes and maybe even some help from certain Legends to defeat. With a deeply sinsiter voice and a deep black suit very similar to Barry’s, it does nothing to dissuade the similarities to the Black Flash which we mentioned in our season preview. As could be suspected, Zoom is faster than The Flash, meaner than The Flash, and will not stop until he has killed The Flash, no matter what part of the Multiverse he is from.


The end of episode bomb drops are also aplenty this week coming in threes. Three mighty fine cliff hangers too we might add. Firstly, we see the return of Joe West’s estranged wife, the mother of Iris. We presume it won’t be long until we’re introduced to Wally West who we suspect will be a brother/half-brother to Iris. Then, Professor Stein collapses in STAR Labs with what we presume will be Firestorm withdrawal symptoms or perhaps there is more to it. His role in Legends of Tomorrow does suggest he will be around and make a recovery from his ailments.


Last but not at all least. Harrison Wells makes another appearance this time alive and well in a booming STAR Labs far from the one that exists today. The Nerd Lowdown theory? This is Earth 2 Harrison Wells. Remember, the one from last season was actually Eobard Thawne after stealing the original Wells’ identity and murdering him. For Wells to be very much alive and still running STAR Labs we figure this is Dr. Wells from Jay Garrick’s world, where he has successfully created a wonder in STAR Labs and has not had his identity stolen in any way, shape or form. Perhaps, if Wells is to play a part in this season he might be brought through a trans-dimensional breach in a plot device that will tear Barry up completely.

Next week, The Flash bring us the Family of Rogues. Expect this one to blow HOT COLD if you catch our drift!


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