It Seems Rowling’s Magical Wishes Weren’t Enough!

Harry Potter author had a lot of hope for our Irish rugby side today but it seemed too short for any Semi-Final hope. Take a read!

Hopes were high leading up to our quarter-final meet against South American side Argentina, and a fellow Nerd Lowdown member clung for even more hope, in the form of a tweet to a certain magical author!

Responding to his account so graciously named Deanpool, very fitting – J.K. Rowling made it clear that she was taking the sides of the boys in green. After this tweet was sent, the internet exploded in a barrage of humorous responses and many article covers, take a look:

We can confirmed that our fellow nerd was proud as punch to get a mention from one of his favourite authors and cause quiet an internet stir even if it didn’t help our fellow boys in green to advance to the Semi – Finals!

For more bizarre and fun filled posts, keep an eye on our page! Nerd Out!


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